Minecraft PE 1.13.0 - full version

Today is a very important day because all our subscribers will have the chance to download the grandest game release of this season, which is MCPE

Today is a very important day because all our subscribers will have the chance to download the grandest game release of this season, which is MCPE 1.13.0. This version is compatible with absolutely all the maps, texture packs, mods, and seeds available on our website.

Below you can take a look at the main changes, updates, and fixes present in this version, after which you can feel free to enjoy all the new surprises offered by it for free.

Before starting with the changes and fixes, let us remind you that by joining this beta, you will replace your already working versions, so make sure to back up your worlds as not to lose something important. Also note that while using this beta, you will have to forget about realms and non-beta users. They are not accessible for beta using players. Another important fact is that if you create any worlds in this version, you won’t be able to access them in earlier versions. Make sure to save them.

That’s all the rules for now. Now it is time to learn about the most important Minecraft PE 1.13.0 features.

Fresh MCPE 1.13.0 features

The new version comes with a fantastic surprise for all animal lovers: the fox. The new animal comes in two types: the custom fox and the arctic one. The artic fox is not much different from the custom one, but it spawns in snowy biomes and represents an attractive treat for the polar bears. A funny feature of the new beasts is that they are able to carry diverse items in their mouths. They usually not only carry the items, but also eat them and sometimes this causes interesting effects. In one word, the new animals are very fun to monitor and even more fun to tame.



Other new features of this version are that the structure blocks have been subject to serious improvements and that there is a new “PersistComponent” aimed at making the mobs more consistent.

MCPE 1.13.0 changes

The list of changes is not that big this time, but the adopted ones are definitely very useful. The most useful one, in our opinion, is that the players will get a message telling if a desired Marketplace pack works on the MCPE version they are using at the moment.

Another change to improve the player’s Minecraft gameplay is that the chat has more additional options now.

There are also more changes featured in this version, but most of them are intended for the map and addon developers.

MCPE 1.13.0 fixes

A lot of crashes have been detected and the Minecraft Developers had a hard time fixing it. Crashes occurring when exploring the world templates (happening from time to time), when starting creating a new world, when entering the multiplayer mode, when choosing some skins, when creating worlds using some Marketplace packs. All of these crashes were fixed and will not impede players to play peacefully anymore. You might have noticed other performance errors before too, but be sure that most of them were removed in this version.

There are also a lot of fixes in regards to the gameplay. We will tell you about several of them here. Now if you lit a TNT, it will not fall between blocks. Another TNT fix is that its explosion will be able to knock you back even if you are located in the water. Some camera-related issues were fixed too, for example when it failed to rotate properly from the third person.

  • If a player is in creative mode and he/she accidentally falls, he will not hear that annoying damage sound like before.
  • Sand and Gravel fall again because of the arrows.
  • The Player will hold the bell now as an item, not as a weapon.
  • Now, if you use bone meal on flowers, you will not get a lot of dandelions and puppies around them, but a lot of similar flowers.
  • Now if an Illager Captain has a fight with the player and the first one isn’t lucky enough and dies, the player will get the Bad Omen effect properly.
  • The falling snow will not replace the blocks located on the ground anymore.
  • If you throw a Trident towards a shield, it will bounce and get back to you, not in another direction.
  • If a player makes contact with the lava, he/ she will be affected by it properly.
  • The creeper farms now look better due to the fact that the mob height was adjusted.
  • End Gateway blocks cannot be dropped or destroyed by explosions anymore.
  • If an Armor stand gets an invisibility effect, the equipment on it will render properly.

The new Minecraft PE version also brings a lot of mob, block and item fixes:

Here is just a part of the fixes that are meant to make the game nicer and more logical:

  • The explosions are not able to move iron Golems from their places now.  The Ravagers will be pathfinding even through water from now on. The Spider death animation was improved. The lazy pandas will lie on the ground when resting, not above it like before.
  • Starting with this version, the baby pigmen represent the result of baby pigs struck by lightning.
  • The player is aligned properly to the bed during his/her sleep.
  • The cats, the Iron golems and other village mobs won’t spawn in blocks anymore.
  • The mobs will be pathfinding through unlit campfires and waterlogged blocks.
  • The villagers, even if they didn’t manage to trade with the player but are hit by the latest, will display angry particles.
  • Now Villagers are very polite: they will close all the doors after the players. They also close doors if they are opened by Redstone.
  • The waiting for the frosted ice to melt under the ground will not end into a game lag now.
  • If a tree grows on coarse dirt, the least will not turn into custom dirt.
  • You will get the right block when using a pick block on lit Redstone.
  • You will not be able to smelt Andesite, Diorite and/or Granite into smooth stones anymore.
  • The button will be displayed properly in the player’s hotbar (not upwards).
  • However you place the pistons, they will be displayed properly starting with the present beta.
  • If someone falls on invisible bedrock, it will emit stone particles.
  • The Trident positioning was fixed.
  • Some issued block items now render properly after suspending and resuming the MCPE game.
  • The animation of the humanoid eating was modified.

If you are ready to discover more changes and fixes, download Minecraft Bedrock by clicking on the button below. We are sure you will be nicely surprised by all the benefits it has to offer and starting with the moment you install it, you will have a much comfortable and pleasant gameplay.

Important: To fully benefit from all the features this version has to offer, enable Experimental Gameplay mode.

In case you want/need any earlier game versions, visit our Download Minecraft PE section to get them for free.

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