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Bees are awesome flying insects and it is very interesting to monitor their behavior. They are also useful because they make honey and offer people

Bees are awesome flying insects and it is very interesting to monitor their behavior. They are also useful because they make honey and offer people the possibility to observe nature from a different angle. If you wonder why we are talking about bees on an MCPE-related webpage, it’s because the new beta, that is Minecraft PE 1.14 brings these fantastic creatures to your virtual world in addition to the usual fixes.

New features in Minecraft Bedrock 1.14.0

MCPE 1.14.0 is making a legendary version thanks to some small, but very important creatures: the bees. There are a lot of things to do in relation to them like collecting honey, creating beehives and exploring vibrant biomes.


The Minecraft bees, just like the real ones, are peaceful if the person interacting with them is peaceful too. If destroyed, they are not dropping anything, so there is no sense in being mean with a bee, especially given the fact that they might revenge by stinging you.

Bees adore flowers, thus their nests spawn in flower forests and in other biomes where flowers grow.



As we know, bees do not just admire the flowers, but also use them to collect pollen and take it to their homes.

The player can get honey and honeycombs from the nests by using a dispenser and empty bottles and respectively shears. You can only do this if a certain level of honey in bee nests is complete (there is a total of 5 levels). These levels increase every time a bee returns from the pollen hunting trip successfully.


In addition to the bees, the version brings bee-related blocks to your world. There are honeycomb ones that are craftable and have decoration purpose and honey blocks that have a lot of features, like slowing down the player’s fall in action mini-games, for example, parkour maps. If the player will try to move such a block with a piston, it will move together with its adjacent blocks and together with the mobs on top of it (if there are any).

Besides the great news about bees, the present beta has some changes and fixes, among which:

  • Tweaked XP level that animal mobs drop if destroyed. Now it will be like in the game’s java version.
  • Lags caused by kelp growing in some chunks were fixed
  • The display of opaque white capes on certain skins was fixed
  • Capes not being displayed properly in the Character Creator were fixed
  • Alien Worlds Marketplace pack showing an error message was fixed
  • The armor equipped from the creative inventory is displayed properly (if you use a touch screen device)
  • Frost Water enchantment is able to make the water freeze normally now.

Dear subscribers, we are sure you want to try this version right away, so download it by using the button below the video but do not forget that this is a beta, this meaning that you won’t be able to attend Realms or play with people using full versions. Also, make sure to back up your worlds created in MCPE 1.14 because you will not be able to access them by using an older game version. And one more rule: before installing and entering Minecraft PE 1.14, save the worlds you are working on now because this version will replace any work in progress and you might lose it for good.

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