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We bet there is no MCPE player who didn’t yet try Minecraft PE 1.14 with newly introduced bees and other items and blocks related to them. In

We bet there is no MCPE player who didn’t yet try Minecraft PE 1.14 with newly introduced bees and other items and blocks related to them. In Minecraft PE you will find many bug fixes and changes that affect these mobs as well as other game features and issues.

Main fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

In this beta, the Minecraft Bedrock developers made changes and fixes. They mostly affect the new and the old mobs, but not only.

In addition to the changes carried out for the bees, honey blocks, and honeycombs, the new version brings fixes related to another fresh MCPE option which is the Character Creator.

Mob and block fixes:

  • The cube map, nests spawning in trees, the texture of the honey block and slime block resemble those in the Minecraft Java Edition.


  • If you play in Creative and you choose to break a beehive, it will not drop blocks anymore
  • The pick block works properly in regards to the bees now
  • If there is any piston-related interaction in regards to the honey and slime blocks, they will not stick to each other anymore.


  • Every mob which jumps on blocks of honey will have a more consistent behavior now
  • The recipe for the honeycomb was modified. Now it will match the recipe from the Java edition.
  • The bees won’t take so much time to wander around if they don’t find a hive with enough space for them to enter
  • If a bee ends flying in the End or in the Nether, it will not bother to find a way back home anymore


  • If you want to tempt and / or feed a bee, you can now do it by using two-high flowers


  • The bees are going to attack if they notice a player trying to collect honey from their hives during nighttime
  • In case of rain, the bees will fly home, this becoming their first priority now.
  • If for some reason a hive is on fire, the bees inside it will leave it immediately
  • If a hive is blocked and the bee belonging to eat cannot enter, it will not fly around endlessly now
  • Bees fly over flowers, not beside them now
  • Nether flowers cannot be harvested by bees anymore
  • The dragon heads are now displayed at a proper height
  • Baby pigmen will hold swords in one of their hands now
  • When the player is above the water level but the block he/she stands on is under the water level, the breaking animation will take place.

Other important changes:

  • When the player flies using elytra, his/her hands will not show absent now
  • The problem causing the invisibility of chests sometimes was removed
  • Particles of green color will now be displayed whenever a bee pollinates crops.
  • There is no more spawning of Pillager patrols in dimensions like the End and the Nether
  • Character Creator improvement work in general and in regard to several minor problems like the UI flickering sometimes.
  • The crashes occurring after breaking craft tables, after specific states of the honey blocks change, and after using any button during the closing animation of the chat user interface were fixed

Now that you know about the main fixes and changes, you can download it but first, it is our duty to prevent you that you will not be able to play with other players using non-beta versions and Realms while checking

And here is one more recommendation from us: make it a tradition to save your already created worlds every time you intend to try a new version because you risk losing them. Save the worlds built in this version too, because there is no way to access them in earlier Minecraft PE versions.

Now it is really time to get exploring Minecraft Bedrock For this, click on the button below the article and until the file loads, watch the video trailer to get a better idea of the new release.

To download earlier Minecraft Bedrock versions, check our website. Here you can also find a lot of interesting maps, seeds, mods, all of them working on the MCPE version presented above. Enjoy!

Video of Minecraft Bedrock

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