Minecraft PE

This weekend is very special to us and we hope it is to you too because we are to explore a new game version, that is Minecraft PE Please

This weekend is very special to us and we hope it is to you too because we are to explore a new game version, that is Minecraft PE Please take your time because the list of changes is long.

Before getting to the changes, note that this is not a full version and you have to keep in mind the rules regarding betas, meaning that your work in progress will be replaced by it as soon as you install it, so you’d better save your builds as not to lose them. The builds created in can be opened only in or in the upcoming versions, so if you are planning to use earlier game versions in the future, save these builds too. Another important fact is that unfortunately, you won’t be able to play in Realms and with other MCPE user preferring full game versions. We also must prevent you that the builds created in betas might not be as stable as the ones created in full versions, but anyway, we hope you will have nice game experience, so let’s get to the newly introduced changes:

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

Like always, we will start with the fixed game crashes and will continue with the bugs:

  • The traditional fixes of the crashes that happen during the gameplay
  • The crash happening in certain situations when the player hits the “read more” button on specific resource pack screens was removed
  • The crash occurring every time the player intends to place a bone meal into a block of grass was removed
  • The crash occurring when a fire spreads to beehives was removed
  • The crash occurring when the player tries to interact with a Shulker Box was also removed.
  • The issue of making the narrator text to sound two times on Xbox One devices was resolved.
  • The issue of making the players wake up after sleeping with their heads in strange places was resolved. This bug usually happened after respawning in a new place.
  • The bug making the Raid bar look incorrect in certain situations was removed
  • The wrong animation of horses when they were jumping was fixed
  • The problems affecting some Blaze features were removed
  • The error letting fish spawn in places where they are not supposed to spawn was fixed
  • The error making small-sized mobs get trapped between stair blocks was resolved
  • Uncontrollable shaking of mobs when getting in minecarts was fixed
  • The problem not letting cat mobs to sleep in beds was fixed
  • The bug letting Iron Golems to damage doors was removed
  • The incorrect crossbow icon was fixed
  • The incorrect coloring of stained glass was fixed
  • The bug making the shield animation and the bow animation play simultaneously was removed
  • The problem making the wingsuit to disappear when the player tries on a certain hairstyle in the Character Creator was fixed
  • Certain Character Creator UI errors were fixed

Besides all the above-listed fixes, the developers introduced several changes in regards to some entities, blocks, building processes (especially gates) and UI, but to find out about all of them, we suggest you download the version and explore for yourself.

We are sure you want to finish reading the article as soon as possible and start playing, but first, we recommend you to watch the video trailer in order to discover more details about this update.

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Video of Minecraft PE

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