Minecraft PE 1.16

Dear friends, we started to talk about the Nether Update since the last Halloween and of course, all the suspense it provoked made us more and more

Dear friends, we started to talk about the Nether Update since the last Halloween and of course, all the suspense it provoked made us more and more curious about it. Minecraft PE 1.16 was finally released and we can explore it and have a lot of fun but inspecting all the new blocks, biomes, and mobs introduced in the mysterious Nether.

Of course, the MCPE developers didn’t forget about the crashes and in-game errors that had to be fixed too. Some of the changes and fixes were transferred from Minecraft PE and some from Minecraft PE Because we have a lot of talk to do on the novelties brought by 1.16, we will mention only the new ones and we will do it later because we are sure that you can’t wait to learn about the improved Nether first.

New features in Minecraft Bedrock 1.16 Nether Update

The Nether will never be the same again. Now it is more exciting, interesting to explore, but also more dangerous.

The first thing you will notice by visiting it will be four new biomes: The Crimson Wood, the Warped Wood, the Soulsand Valley, and the Biome Fog.

Biome description:

  • The Crimson Wood is the second most dangersome Nether biome. Beside a large variety of mysteriously looking vegetation, spores and creepy-looking blocks, here you will find some newly-introduced mobs.
  • The Warped Wood is much more peaceful, because it contains mostly flora, but the dark and dense fog covering all the area makes the atmosphere creepy enough.


  • The Soulsand Valley is an open area made entirely of soul soil and sand. It is haunted by lonely skeletons and even the air in it seems heavy because of the sinister glow and ashes falling from above.
  • The Biome Fog is not an actual biome. It just serves to blend between all the above-listed biomes and to make the whole environment more terrifying.

Of course, the developers could not introduce new biomes without introducing some new blocks too. You will find all of the below-listed ones in the new biomes.

Block description:

  • Crimson and Warped Nylium, Roots, Fungi, and Stems that are like wood but don’t burn
  • Basalt block
  • Warped Wart block
  • Weeping Vines
  • Shroomlight that can be used as a source of light, necessary to see within the fog and darkness of the place we are talking about
  • Soul Soil
  • Nether Sprouts

Like we already mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are also a couple of new mobs too.

Mob Description:

  • Piglins are wild and hostile beasts. They like to chase and fight their enemies in groups. Their main enemies are the players and the Wither Skeletons. They also hunt hoglins (see description below), but only in case they are hungry and this activity is not always successful. Here is a hint regarding these creatures: they absolutely adore gold and everything made of gold, so you can use this to obtain some privileges from the piglins, for example, trade gold ingots for different helpful items, but we suggest you to avoid opening chests or digging for gold blocks in front of them because they might consider that you are stealing and will attack you. If a piglin dies, it will turn into a Zombie piglin who attacks normal piglins and players.


  • Hoglins are the second mobs introduced in this version. They are quite hostile towards the players and they fight with the piglins, but only because they are hunted by the first ones and want to protect themselves. Upon death, the hoglins drop pork chops. The player can try to breed hoglins with crimson fungi, but there is no guarantee that his/her attempt will end up well.


Before getting to the fix and change list, let us tell you about one more surprise you will find in the Nether. This is the Netherite: a very precious, durable and high-quality material that can be used in crafting tools, weapons, armor that will make you more insusceptible, fast and tough. Netherite blocks and ingots are used in crafting and enabling the beacon.

And now let’s see what the most important changes and fixes are:

Main changes and fixes:

Like we already told you, several changes present in this version were transferred from the previous versions. The rest of them are:

  • From now on, players and mobs won’t have to use a water breathing potion in lava
  • The bug making passive mobs appear on wrong blocks was resolved
  • The enchanted skulls have a very nice glowing effect now
  • Iron items will now render exactly like they do in the Java edition
  • Blocks that move under top snow are going to break it properly now
  • The render location of the books on the lectern was improved and is now exactly like in the Java edition
  • If you turn on peaceful mode, no ghasts will spawn in your worlds
  • No matter what the looking angle of the player is, he can jump out of the water he is swimming in
  • When an enchantment is being removed, the grindstone will eliminate the penalty for repair
  • The particles of the Bed Omen was modified (specifically the color)
  • The slab floor of the Woodland Mansion’s arena was fixed
  • If the player is caught by rain, he will obtain conduit power
  • You can increase your popularity within the village now by curing zombie villagers and by trading with the inhabitants.
  • Iron doors cannot be broken by zombie villagers now
  • Implemented two new Curses
  • Introduced sound for breaking tools
  • The creative flying state will remain the same even if the player accesses the world settings
  • The /locate command shows the structure that is maximally near the player
  • In cases when players use fire charges to light up a campfire, they will be consumed
  • Bobber movement of fishing rods was improved
  • Grass that grows through partially broken blocks cannot be consumed by sheep anymore
  • The Enderman failing to attack the players when they look at it was fixed
  • You won’t be able to put paintings on item frames anymore.

These and other changes can be discovered by watching the video below and of course, by installing the present beta. Please do not forget that regardless of its size, this is not a full version, thus you won’t be able to play with friends who use full game versions and in Realms.


Visit our website regularly to always be up to date with the latest game versions and with the most popular MCPE-related articles with download buttons. Enjoy!

Video of Minecraft PE 1.16.0

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