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Minecraft Bedrock is the brand new game beta that will give us the chance to discover several important changes carried out in relation to

Minecraft Bedrock is the brand new game beta that will give us the chance to discover several important changes carried out in relation to the Nether. Of course, the update is not as complex as Minecraft and definitely not like Minecraft 1.16, but we will still find out a lot more about the mysterious Nether and its new features. Thanks to this beta, this creepy place will be even more fascinating.

Besides the changes and fixes related to the Nether, the developers worked on other game issues too, but today we will focus only on what is most important, but we are sure you will notice and appreciate the rest of them during your gameplay too.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock Nether Update

Traditionally, we will start with the game crashes. Thankfully, this time there are not so many of them. Actually, only one represented a really serious problem and it used to happen when stacking different slabs. Naturally, the crash was removed.

And now, let’s talk about what we are here for, that is the changes in the mighty Nether:

  • In the Nether the ambient sounds will not sound as frequent as they used to
  • Several blocks having their names written incorrectly, for example, the soul soil and the twisting vines, were fixed.
  • The misspelled name of the Pigstep disc was corrected
  • The texture of the Nether sprouts was corrected
  • The issue related to some cave mobs spawning  and being considered as earth spawning mobs was resolved
  • Added several crafting recipes containing crimson and warped wood, because many players complained that they could use them only for crafting signs and doors
  •  Fire will now tick properly and the issue preventing rain from extinguishing it was fixed
  • Chains are now craftable
  • The developers added new cool sounds for the fire and for the soul fire
  • Blast furnaces and ordinary furnaces can now be used to smelt golden ores
  • Every time the player smelts ancient debris, he/she will get experience (XP)
  • The player can now use stonecutters to create polished basalt and he/she will get the correct number of blocks in return now
  • Whenever the player generates warped stems or crimson stems, or if they grow by themselves, they will not break the blocks under them
  • Fixed some unplanned rotating movements done by the hoglins
  • The spawn rate of some Nether mobs was tweaked
  • When gold armor is thrown at a piglin, it will equip it properly
  • If the player shoots a piglin who is in the process of admiring, it will drop gold ingots
  • The spot where the baby hoglin and the baby strider is attached was corrected
  • Fire and sunlight will affect zombie piglins from now on
  • The wither skeletons will render armor properly from now on
  • Armor made of netherite can be equipped properly now
  • Baby hoglins won’t look like mini-versions of grown-up hoglins now. They will have a larger head, like most of the baby mobs do
  • If the player chooses to play in peaceful game mode, there will be piglins in his/her Nether too
  • The Soulsand Valley now hosts endermen
  • The piglins will have a correct position when in boats
  • The incorrect sound playing every time a hoglin turns into a zoglin was fixed
  • The portals found in the Nether use blackstone now and the chests that can be discovered in these portals contain fire starters
  • The spawn rate of these portals was tweaked
  • The loot tables from the portals were also tweaked
  • Magma cube mob spawners can now be detected in bastions
  • The gold tools held by the piglins will have a correct texture now
  • The soul sand fire has a blue flame now, not a red one as it did before.

By installing this beta and exploring the nether, you will be able to check these changes for yourself, so go on and click on the download button below the video trailer, share the news about the update with all your MCPE buddies and leave feedback.

To always be up to date with the latest game versions and to discover the most popular and interesting MCPE downloads, visit our website regularly. Enjoy!

Video of Minecraft PE

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