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A few days ago we were all downloading and trying a long-awaited full game version called Minecraft PE 1.16.20. If you managed to check all its new

A few days ago we were all downloading and trying a long-awaited full game version called Minecraft PE 1.16.20. If you managed to check all its new features and verify all the fixes, you can go forward and try the version we will talk about today: Minecraft PE Here you will find many changes and fixes, but please do not forget that it is not a full version, thus your access to Realms and non-beta players is not possible while trying it. We must also warn you that the builds created in beta versions are less stable than those created in full versions.


New fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

In our opinion, the main goal of this version is to make the Bedrock edition more similar to the Java one. The developers modified some features to make them like in the Java. These are:

  • Dolphins drying out at a different rate as to match the Java edition
  • The Netherite movement
  • The Hero of the Village trade discounts
  • The Curing Zombie Villagers trade discounts

They have also worked hard on removing the existing bugs and crashes. The most serious problems were related to the:

  • Opening of the Shulker Box after re-entering into a multiplayer session (game used to crash in this situation)
  • Normal Mending items not letting the damaged ones get fixed
  • XP orbs not floating in water
  • Water not flowing correctly in specific situations
  • The custom names of boats not being displayed in the world
  • Impossibility to stack smelted items
  • The same items containing wrong values
  • Bees not being able to leave their nests after spending a specific time period in the End or Nether dimensions
  • Falling blocks duplicating when near a portal
  • Villagers getting locked in incorrect professions
  • Dragon eggs disappearing if they are placed on pedestals and the Ender Dragon respawns
  • Music-related bug occurring when entering ocean waters
  • Saplings turning into bee nests when growing near other plants
  • Blocks affected by gravity breaking if the block underneath them is being pushed with a piston
  • Rails being powered incorrectly
  • Turtles not being able to move properly towards the water
  • The same issue but affecting the dolphins
  • The compass pointing the wrong directions
  • Wrong Vex movement
  • Falling blocks not breaking in case they were falling for a long time
  • Name tags not working properly

All the above-mentioned issues were fixed, but the MCPE developers did not stop on that. They also made a lot of improvement works to the Achievements Screen, the behavior of several mobs, technical features, and user interface.

Also, you will discover that they introduced more new sounds to make our gameplay even more interesting.

Dear friends, if you want to try this beta, click on the download button, share the good news with your friends, and leave feedback.

We always take care to publish the news on the latest game versions and the newest maps, textures, and more among the first on our website, so follow us and enjoy your Minecraft PE experience!

Video of MCPE

Download beta version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Android (Nether Update)

Minecraft PE

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