Minecraft PE

Last week our guests and subscribers had the chance to explore Minecraft PE, a pretty nice beta bringing many useful fixes. This week the

Last week our guests and subscribers had the chance to explore Minecraft PE, a pretty nice beta bringing many useful fixes. This week the MCPE developers released two more versions: Minecraft PE and Minecraft PE 1.16.40. In this article, we will talk about the first which is a beta.

Please do not forget to back up your existing worlds before installing it because it will replace your work in progress. Also mind that the worlds created in a current version can only be accessed using this or other upcoming versions, but never an earlier one. In this situation, backing up the builds is also a good idea.

And now let’s get to the features, because there is a lot to find out:

Features of Minecraft Bedrock

  • The crash that used to happen in case the user entered his/her game whilst being in a sleeping state was resolved
  • A bug provoking a game crash in case the Elder Guardian is killed was resolved
  • One more crash that used to happen sometimes when the user used fireworks for specific tasks was resolved
  • When mining, the soul camp fires won’t drop charcoal, but soul soil
  • The strider’s health is of twenty now, not of fifteen as before
  • The issue of baby hoglins not dealing damage properly was fixed
  • The problem not letting players use nether sprouts in a composter was resolved
  • If killed, baby zoglins will have drops just like adult ones. This is also available for the baby piglins.
  • Warped fungi won’t grow only in warped forests, but also in crimson ones
  • Starting with the present beta, wither skeletons will start being aggressive towards piglin brutes and piglins
  • Iron Golems are aggressive towards hoglins


  • The piglin brute won’t use an enchanted golden axe anymore
  • Piglins will never sell nether brick blocks when bartering anymore
  • You can find the soul speed enchant only in the chests from the bastion remnants
  • Lanterns can now be used even underwater and nothing bad will happen if you decide to put water sources above them


  • If the player stands on a magma block, his/her netherite armor won’t lose its durability
  • Piglins are able to equip diverse mob heads, turtle shells, and other cool stuff
  • When zombified, the piglin will drop all the items from its inventory
  • The piglin brute’s feature of becoming angry when a block is breaking was canceled
  • The chests in the ruined portals might include several glistening melon slices instead of just one
  • You cannot use soul fire for melting snow or/and ice now
  • The issue not letting hoglins flee from respawn anchors was fixed


  • Nether sprouts can be composted now


  • The text and punctuation in the loading screen tips were corrected
  • Upon death, the totem of undying will apply the appropriate effect
  • If linked to Loadstone, the compass that has a custom name will keep it
  • If a mob that has a ranged weapon equipped is killed, it will drop it
  • Now there is a different texture mapping for each strider's leg

Dear MCPE players, we assure you that there is a lot more to explore in this version, so hurry and hit the download button below the video trailer, share the article with your friends, and leave feedback.

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Video of Minecraft PE

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