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Dear friends, are you curious to find out what the Mojang team prepared for all the Minecraft pe fans this week? We assure you that Minecraft PE

Dear friends, are you curious to find out what the Mojang team prepared for all the Minecraft pe fans this week? We assure you that Minecraft PE is not an ordinary beta bringing only traditional bugfixes. This time, the developers decided to make us a present and included several features from the upcoming grand Caves and Cliffs update.

General changes in Minecraft Bedrock

Starting with this update, the MCPE users will have the chance to try a very interesting new option, namely the Experimental Features Toggles which can be used by the players to see what updates and new features the developers are working on for. Some of these features may be available only in one beta until the full version is released. Because of this, the worlds created using these new features should be backed up, because they won’t be compatible with other beta versions and you won’t be able to access them. One of the available experimental features of this beta is the Caves and Cliffs toggle and includes a new block and a new mob. These are the powdered snow block and the goat (see descriptions below).

Powdered Snow Blocks are a little different compared to the snow blocks we got used to by their texture and features. Mobs and players walking entering them will become slower and get no fall damage. Players who want to move faster through the blocks of powdered snow should wear leather boots.


Goats are the new mobs we were talking about above. These furry white animals spawn in extreme hills, but their location might get modified in the future since the MCPE developers are looking for a more comfortable place for them to live. The goats are very funny to watch. Sometimes, they jump really high and do this unexpectedly. They also like climbing on mountains and hills and because they feel like the owners there, they may kick off any intruder. Sometimes, these new mobs are acting silly by bumping into trees, but when this happens, they drop their horns.


To see the powdered snow and the goats in your MCPE world, you should turn on the Caves and Cliffs experimental toggle.

More changes:

Besides the experimental features described above, the MCPE developers had to deal with a big number of problems affecting our gameplay. Some of them are:

  • After reloading their games, some players could have noticed that the contents of the double chests disappeared
  • The cocoa beans did not generate correctly and because of this they used to break after a short while
  • Clicking with a shovel on snow blocks used to break them
  • The villagers used to take away the workstations of other villagers, this leaving the second ones without jobs
  • If an item was dropped between two zombified piglins, both of them used to pick it up
  • Bees used to exit their nests from all the sides instead of their front
  • The /playsound command didn’t execute the sounds properly for all the players in range
  • Effects applied with a duration more than 107374182 seconds used to fail
  • Mobs used to get teleported to and from solid blocks in case there is space for just one mob
  •  Mobs could stop attacking unexpectedly when following their victims
  • Weird looking texture of the netherite leggings
  • When placing signs in the same spot with a decoration, the first ones used to replace them
  • When sneaking, players could put twisting vines on composters
  • When using compasses on lodestones in Creative, compasses used to be replaced like in Survival.

Dear players, these are several problems affecting our gameplay that were successfully resolved by the hard-working MCPE-developers. If you are interested to find out more, we suggest you watch the video trailer before downloading this update. We are sure you are as excited about the new features and changes as much as we are, so, if you are, do share this article with your Bedrock friends, and leave feedback.

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Video Trailer of MCPE

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