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We are all waiting for the grand Caves and Cliffs update, but, until then, in order to tease us a bit, the MCPE developers decided to reveal some of

We are all waiting for the grand Caves and Cliffs update, but, until then, in order to tease us a bit, the MCPE developers decided to reveal some of its features with each upcoming beta. They started to do this in the version released last week that is Minecraft PE Then we discovered such features as goats and powdered snow. This week, in Minecraft PE there will be now new mobs and/or blocks, but instead, you will discover a very handy new function related to the game sound volumes.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

This week, the MCPE developers also had to fix a number of bugs, but because we are sure you are curious about the new features, we will start with them:

  • New opportunities regarding the sound volumes. Starting with this update, every player can manage the volume of separate game categories. You can see the categories in the picture below.


  • Other good news for the players using Windows 10 for playing MCPE: the developers turned on Ray Tracing for the GPUs that are suitable with the Ray Tracing hardware. This function includes upscaling options to the video options and new UI elements for revealing ray tracing possibilities in the Marketplace.

And now let’s find out about the bugfixes. This week, the developers worked on removing the following problems:

  • Numerous errors crashing the gameplay
  • An occasional crash occurring when loading the game world
  • A bug making the hand bob sometimes even when this option is off
  • A bug making loot tables with function “set_data” generate wrong loots
  • A color, namely the “strawberry blonde” one having its name written incorrectly in the Character Creator
  • Netherite armor not protecting the player as it should, even when it is fully equipped
  • Bees flying away too far from their beehives and getting lost sometimes
  • Numerous errors affecting the text-to speech option.

In addition to these fixes, you will also discover that:

  • You can navigate the Player Permissions menu with controllers without taking into account your player’s permission level
  • Different color background for the ghost items in the crafting grid. The background depends on the item’s availability in the player’s inventory
  • The transparency of the buttons in the top row of the Touch user interface was reduced. This was done to make their readability better

Dear players, these are the most important changes you will discover by installing the present update. To do this, hit the download button below the video, share the article with other MCPE users, and leave feedback.

You are always welcome to visit our website, and we recommend you do it regularly if you want to always be up to date with the freshest MCPE news and with the most popular maps, mods, and other cool game-related surprises. Enjoy!

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