Minecraft PE 1.16.100

In the last several betas starting with Minecraft Bedrock, the MCPE developers started revealing some features of the upcoming Caves

In the last several betas starting with Minecraft Bedrock, the MCPE developers started revealing some features of the upcoming Caves & Cliffs update. This was a hint that a full version is about to be released, and here it is.

Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.100 is a very stable and complex version bringing an unbelievable number of features, including traditional fixes, technical modifications, and much more. The addon creators and the mapmakers weren’t forgotten by the developers either. They developed a number of helpful modifications and modernized the existing possibilities to make their activity more interesting and easy.

New features in Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.100

We will start by enlisting the new features because we are sure that you are very curious to find out about them.

  • The entire design of the Achievement Screen was totally renewed and we must assure you that it looks great!
  • New Character Creator objects (you can use your achievements to obtain them)
  • Developed another splash screen for the Mojang logo
  • The introduction of the Experimental Toggles option for you to try some features planned for the upcoming Caves & Cliffs version


Vanilla Parity Fixes and Changes

The developers worked with special attention on the:

  • Dolphins’ drying time
  • Hero of Village trade discounts
  • Curing Zombie Villager trade discounts
  • Generation of floors
  • Generation of ceilings  
  • Crafting process of brewing stands
  • XP orbs
  • Barter items offered by piglins
  • Name of listed items
  • Sounds played when turtles lay eggs and when phantoms use their wings to fly
  • Lanterns used underwater
  • Ability to type the /give command in order to obtain farmland
  • Ability to tempt striders carrying passengers
  • Piglins and brutes keeping their equipment in case they are zombified
  • Warped fungi generating in crimson woods
  • Iron Golems being aggressive towards hoglins
  • Chains (horizontal position is allowed now)
  • Cod drops
  • Salmon drops

All these elements were made to match those in the Java Edition.


There were hundreds of issues to fix, but by doing this the UI, the graphics, the sounds, the Crafting screen, the commands, and the structure blocks work better and won’t prevent us from having a smooth gaming experience. Some of the issues were caused by bugs affecting:

  • The chunk loading process
  • Multiple achievements
  • Fishing Rods
  • Minecarts
  • Boats
  • Loot chests from the Ender City
  • Realms
  • Graphics of the skybox background
  • Glass blocks from the City Living map
  • Bamboo graphics (when destroying them)
  • Music sounding when entering the water



  • Sound of horns heared during raids
  • Cobblestone used for tools made of stone
  • Inventory items being transferred uncontrollably to crafting grids
  • Crimson stems’s place in the inventory (in Creative game mode)
  • Warped stems’s place in the inventory (in Creative game mode)
  • Hyphae’s place in the inventory (in Creative game mode)
  • Structure loading process
  • Reset button
  • The time spent playing MCPE showed in the Achievement screen
  • Interface of the beacon container
  • Button “Leave boat”
  •  “Profile” button
  • Command “/fill”
  • Command “/schedule”

All the problems related to the above-listed elements were fixed, but the developers also had to work on fixing a number of errors affecting the following mobs, blocks, and items:

  • Villagers
  • Bees
  • Foxes
  • Vexes
  • Blazes
  • Snow Golems
  • Turtles
  • Dolphins
  • Ghasts
  • Striders
  • Baby mobs
  • Slimes
  • Walls
  • Water in bubble columns
  • Fence gates
  • Hoppers
  • Crimson roots
  • Warped roots
  • Beehives
  • Bee nests
  • End gateways
  • Different kinds of mushrooms
  • Cocoa seeds
  • Podzol
  • Observer blocks
  • Saplings
  • Signs
  • Compasses
  • Totem of Undying

News for the Addon Creators and Mapmakers

Like we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the addon creators and mapmakers will also benefit from this version a lot, because introduced several new commands, namely:

  • “/structure” making the loading and placing of structures possible. This way structure blocks are not needed anymore. This command will also be useful when you intend to animate the structure places
  • “/music” used to manage/play music
  • “/camerashake” gives the possibility to turn on the shaking effect
  • “/playanimation” gives the possibility to run one-off animations
  • “/clearspawnpoint” clears the Bedrock player’s spawning spot. By the way, this command does not affect sleeping players anymore
  • “/event” can be used for triggering entities and events
  • “/ride” can be used for controlling rides/ riders

In addition to everything listed above, the Mojang team made a lot of other improvements for the map makers and addon creators to work easier and to have more possibilities.

If you are ready to try this version, all you have to do is hit the download button below, but be a good friend and share the news about its release with all your friends. We will also appreciate if you could let us know what you think about it by leaving feedback.

If you are an active MCPE fan and you want to be always up to date with the latest game updates, visit our website regularly. This way you will also get the chance to try dozens of cool skins, texture packs, and other game-related surprises for free. Enjoy!

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