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Minecraft PE, in addition to the traditional bugfixes, brings a lot of changes affecting the goats and the powder snow that we know

Minecraft PE, in addition to the traditional bugfixes, brings a lot of changes affecting the goats and the powder snow that we know about from the article on Minecraft PE 1.16.100. These two were introduced as experimental features of the upcoming Caves and Cliffs update we are all waiting for. If you managed to try the version when they have been introduced, you might have noticed how goats behave. Well, starting with this update, the behavior of the goats will be almost entirely different. Their jumps drops, ram attacks, and other behavioral aspects have been subject to updates. Read this article to find out everything there is to know about the new mobs and blocks.

General changes in Minecraft Bedrock

Starting with this update, which we must mention is a beta version, the goats will:

  • Not be able to entirely kill the player if he/she holds a shield
  • Be freely walking through non-solid blocks
  • Find the perfect ram position to attack their victims precisely
  • Have a correctly-textured model
  • Have a different, updated color of their spawn eggs
  • Not jump if moved from their start position
  • Will seldom jump on flat plains
  • Will not jump from honey
  • Will throw their victims higher in the air when attacking
  • Will retake the marked target in case it moves away from under its ram attack spot
  • Will knockback their victims from a very short distance
  • Will drop either one or two horns and the remaining horns will be shown on the goat’s model
  • Will not overlook moveless players when attacking
  • Will not perform too high jumps
  • Will not overshoot their jump targets
  • Will not undershoot their jump targets
  • Will be able to ram creepers without fearing that they will get hurt
  • Will not assault armor stands
  • Will spawn one baby goat at a time
  • Will go after the player properly when on leash
  • Will path properly to one another to breed
  • Will not crash the entire game if killed by shulkers
  • Will easily jump on a rather big number of solid blocks
  • Will not jump on magma blocks
  • Will move up full blocks normally when tempted
  • Will not try to attack targets if they are behind an obstacle

Starting with this beta, you will also notice that the baby goats also attack and jump, just like the adult ones, but their jump distance is shorter and the attack damage lower.


Besides the changes affecting the above-mentioned new mobs, you will also learn that:

  • You cannot place water on snow in order to obtain snowballs
  • You can use bone meal to generate corals from warm oceans. This is also available for sea grass
  • You can mine powdered snow and during this process, the blocks will show a special animation
  • You can look at powder snow through clouds and it won’t look transparent as before
  • The outdated tips on the load screen were removed
  • The behavior of parrots when flying was fixed

The MCPE developers also fixed several bugs affecting other mobs and graphics

To download and try this beta, click on the button below the video trailer and if you like it, share it with all your friends and leave feedback.

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