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Since the release of Minecraft PE 1.16.100, goats and powder snow is on everybody’s lips. They have been introduced as experimental features and you

Since the release of Minecraft PE 1.16.100, goats and powder snow is on everybody’s lips. They have been introduced as experimental features and you can enable them using the new Experimental Features toggle.

In a previous game update, we already learned everything there is to learn about goats and today is time to find out more about powder snow. All the information about it is available in Minecraft PE

This version is a beta one. Please note that the builds created in it cannot be accessed using earlier versions, so make sure to make copies. Make copies of your current worlds too, because the present update will replace your work in progress. Another thing you must is that you cannot play with people who use full versions and in Realms while trying a beta.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

Everybody who is up to date with the latest game versions know that powdered snow blocks were introduced recently. There is a lot to find out about these blocks, but until now we were given only basic information. Well, it’s time to change this and read all about their features.

These blocks look almost like the ordinary snow blocks, but have a slightly different texture and can affect players and mobs interacting with them in many different ways, for example:

  • If the player has leather boots, it will be easier for him/her to walk through this snow
  • It emits particles when someone or something lands or it or moves inside it
  • Applies freezing effects to those who move inside it (don’t worry because this effect can be diminished when catching fire or by using command /gamerule freezing damagefalse in Survival mode)
  • Everybody sinking in this snow should not worry, because it is navigable
  • Extinguishes the fire of mobs on fire who step on it
  • Even lightweight mobs (for example rabbits) can enjoy navigating through this snow, without fearing that they can fall through
  • The newly introduced mobs which are the goats usually avoid it
  • Emits stepping sounds when someone walks on it
  • Renders a fog around the block when the camera is located inside
  • Can be picked up with buckets
  • Entities moving through it will be slower than usual


Initially, the new blocks presented some issues, for example when adjacent blocks looked transparent when inside them, mobs spawning underground when spawning inside them, and third-person camera moving too close to the head belonging to the mob that is in snow. Fortunately, the MCPE developers resolved these problems.

Besides the issues affecting powder snow, the developers also had to fix several other ones that prevented us from having a nice and smooth Bedrock gameplay. Some of the problems were:

  • Double chests appearing as single chests when traveling to and from the Nether
  • A crash happening when the player attempts to open the above-mentioned chests
  • Not very helpful and full error notifications being displayed in case of sign-in failures
  • Golden apple’s hotbar being white when selecting it
  • Enchanted apple’s hotbar being white when selecting it
  • Player dismounting from the rideable entity, for example from its boat when entering the water (or the lava)

These and other minor problems were fixed and from now on they won’t bother us anymore.

If you want to download this beta, click on the button below the video about it.

We hope you can share the news about the release with all your Bedrock friends and let us know what you think about it by leaving feedback.

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