-2041696679: Underwater Stronghold & Ocean Monument

-2041696679: Underwater Stronghold " alt="-2041696679: Underwater Stronghold " alt=""> Here you'll see lots of openings.
-2041696679: Underwater Stronghold & Ocean Monument - Seed is always able to wonder you as almost all of them are interesting, second to none and rare. So, this seed is not an exception. It is the first seed with generates a stronghold underwater. It's considered to be very unusual seed. Moreover, This stronghold is situated near the ocean monument and this peculiarity makes it cooler! It is really a great luck to see such thing. Try out this seed now and enjoy its uniqueness.

How to find the underwater structures?

Before looking for this seed, you have to make sure that you have turned on cheats. as they'll help you to navigate in the world. After your spawning, you have to type such a command /locate stronghold. You'll get coordinates for the stronghold and ocean monument. Then type the following command to teleport to the location: /tp @a -912 32 -1216.

-2041696679: Underwater Stronghold & Ocean Monument

And here you are! You have been spawned on the bottom of the ocean. Now you can explore the stronghold and the ocean monument nearby.

Here you'll see lots of openings. However, you'll not be confused as all these structures are connected to the water.

Seed: -2041696679