Naruto Craft Addon 1.0/0.17.0

Naruto Craft Addon - Are you a great fan of Japanese anime? Do you feel excited when you hear someone talking about Naruto or ninjas in general?

Naruto Craft Addon - Are you a great fan of Japanese anime? Do you feel excited when you hear someone talking about Naruto or ninjas in general? That means this brand-new add-on is designed just for you! The authors were inspired by the famous Japanese cartoon about a young guy - Naruto, who was eager to become a well-known ninja, who wanted to be the best and the most trained killer. He was very purposeful to reach his goal. He trained day and night, improved his skills to have the world by the tail. So, if you love Naruto as much as we are, get a chance to try this new addon right now! In Minecraft world, you can be everyone you want. We guess it brings great pleasure to try yourself as a prominent ninja. However, that is not all we can offer you. This addon also has lots of improvements. There are new mobs, modern armors, powerful weapons! That is a really cool addon. Maybe you'll say it's quite simple for you, it will be improved over some time. You should be aware of its weapons, armor, mobs and their skills. Let's take a look at its work and what upgrades it has.

Weapons in Naruto Craft Addon

When you kill mobs, they drop such kind of weapons:

  • Naruto’s Awesome Move (Bow) – Explosive, causes high damage
  • Explosive Kunai (Egg) – Explosive, huge area of effect
  • Kunai (Snowball) – Makes a lot of damage
  • Shuriken (Ender Pearl) – Causes more damage than the Kunai, dropped by Endermen and Skeletons
  • Demon Wind Shuriken (Fishing Rod) – Bigger that shuriken, one hits most mobs
  • Sasuke’s Sword (Diamond Sword) – Thin but strong blade
  • Samehada – Kisame’s Sword (Stone Sword) – Wielded by Kisame
  • Cleaver Sword (Golden Sword)
  • Combat Kunai (Wooden Sword) – Ninja's sword
  • Shinobi Katana (Iron Sword) – Also a type of ninja's sword
Naruto Craft Addon 1.0/0.17.0

Mobs in Naruto Craft Add-on

The authors created 7 new mobs. They can be hostile and dangerous. They are able to live during the day and night, so be careful! Keep in mind that you have nice weapons which can protect you from them. Here are new mobs:

  • Itachi (Zombie Pigman) – Strong
  • B Class Enemy Ninjas (Skeleton) – Kind of ninja; has the power to use chakra skills on you
  • Konan (Stray) – Uses chakra skills on you
  • Kisame (Wither Skeleton) – Wields a sword
  • Zetsu Clone (Husk) – Very dangerous mob, causes a lot of damage
  • A Class Enemy Shinobi (Zombie) – Found both during the day and night, dangerous
  • S Class Enemy Shinobi (Zombie Villager) – Can be found rarely, but they are also the strongest of all ninjas/shinobis

Armor in Naruto Craft Addon

As for the armor, there are few various Naruto armors (or clothing) which replaced usual armors in Minecraft. Although, there are no special abilities i,addon limitations, still it is by.

  • Jounin Armor (Diamond Armor)
  • Akatasuki Clothing (Gold Armor)
  • Naruto’s Jacket and Clothes (Iron Armor)

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