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Addon Wolves+ is definitely an awesome must-have in your Minecraft PE world if you like these beautiful but dangerous animals. We won’t lose any

Addon Wolves+ is definitely an awesome must-have in your Minecraft PE world if you like these beautiful but dangerous animals. We won’t lose any time and will skip directly to what the addon has to offer.

Features of addon Wolves+

If you thought that there isn’t much about wolves, you were wrong. The addon features more wolf species, as well as methods of taming them and different treats for these lovely pets.

Now let’s see what kind of wolves you will meet soon:

The Brown Wolves spawn in Mountain Forests and they act exactly like the custom wolves (grey).


The Black and Brown Wolves spawn in the Mountain Taiga and act like the custom wolves too.


The White Wolves spawn in snowy biomes. Sometimes they spawn having a pattern like the Husky dog’s one. They act like custom wolves.


The Snow Wolves also spawns in snowy biomes, but has a slightly different fur color, which is white and gray. Unlike the previously described wolves, the Snow ones are able to inflict slowness effect on mobs bitten by them. The effect lasts for several seconds.


The Blaze Wolves spawn in the Nether and have more powerful attack damage then the rest of the wolves. Their fur has some glowing elements. These wolves are immune to lava and fire. Another distinguishing feature of the Blaze Wolves is that they have flames at the top of their tails. If these flames come in contact with any water resource, they will go off but will fire up again when their tails are dry again.


The End Wolves spawn in the End. Their eyes are glowing just like the Enderman’s eyes. If these wolves get angry, they can teleport really fast. Usually, they are not very fond of water but sometimes they make exceptions.


The Painted Wolves do not spawn naturally like the above-listed ones. They are part of the Easter Egg update. Players will be able to dye these cute wolves by using a nametag with the paintedpup label.


The ChocoSprinkled Wolves are another cute kind of Easter Egg wolves. Their distinguishing feature is that they sprinkle chocolate chips when drying off. Players can get them by using a nametag with the chocosprinkle label.


The RoboWolves, the third of the Easter Egg wolves are water-resistant and glow in the nighttime. To get them, use a nametag with the e_robodog label.


Now that we met all the available wolves, let us see what they prefer for a treat:

Treats are intended to recover a wolf’s health if needed. Unfortunately they are no good for breeding wolves, but on the other hand, this gives you the possibility to feed a whole pack of wolves without fearing that you will have to face a double number of wolves soon.


Available treats and their recipes:

Strange Treat. Well, specifically this treat is the key to the rest of the treats, since adding nether wart to the recipe will not make a sufficiently tasty treat for the wolves. Instead, it will make a good basis for other treats that wolves adore (see picture below).


Maximizing Treat. By crafting and feeding your pet with such a treat, you will obtain a much bigger, stronger and healthier wolf. You can even ride it if you want to.


Minimizing Treat. This treat has the opposite effect of the previous one. By eating this treat, your wolf will get smaller, but faster. It will also be able to fit under half-slabs. Unfortunately, by having the present treat, the wolf will lose its attack power a little bit, but its health will remain the same.


Equilizing Treat. There is no other way to make the wolf normal again after eating Maximizing or Minimizing treats then to feed it with an Equilizing Treat.


Phasing Treat. By having this treat, your wolf will get more health and will be able to teleport just like the Enderman. If you want to make it stop, just tell it to sit down.


Gelatinous Treat. By feeding the wolf with this treat, you will make it jump much higher than usual when you ride it. It will also get immune to fall damage.


Aquatic Treat. Your wolf will be able to swim underwater if it eats such a treat. For this, make sure the animal is underwater and use the Dive command. In time, they will learn to swim faster and faster. Note that the End and the Blaze Wolves don’t really like neither this treat nor the water.


And these are not all the features our addon has to offer.

The player will be able to dye the collars of all the described wolves (except the collars of the RoboWolves). Tamed wolves will not follow their owner like other tamed animals usually do, but they will surely protect you if you are in trouble.

In case the wolves are not on an important mission like protecting their owner from hostile mobs, they lay down and rest.

And one more bonus feature: players will be able to pet their wolves if using the recipe you see in the picture below. We assure you they will like this treat and they will wig their tails in gratitude!


We are sure you want to meet and have fun with all the described wolves as soon as possible, so download the addon by clicking on the button below, show it to your friends and leave feedback.

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