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By downloading Addon Dragon, do not expect to meet a sweet little dragon as in Addon Spyro the Dragon or a lazy and peaceful one as in Addon Komodo

By downloading Addon Dragon, do not expect to meet a sweet little dragon as in Addon Spyro the Dragon or a lazy and peaceful one as in Addon Komodo Dragon. Today you will face a real, huge and frightening dragon and if you are not afraid, you can even tame it and make it your loyal servant.

Features of addon Dragon

Everything about the present addon is not easy. First, to obtain an egg from which it will hatch, you will have to follow a number of steps:

  1. Kill a wild dragon.
  2. Collect the following items: a soul sand, a totem of undying, and a healing potion




The corpse of the dragon killed by you will become a dragon egg. The egg itself has a health of forty.


Wait for it to hatch and you will meet a lovely baby dragon. The dragon’s health, while it is still a baby, remains of forty, regardless of its state (tamed or untamed). To tame one, use salmon. Tamed baby dragons sleep a lot and hunt for chicken. If you want to prevent it from attacking chicken, leash it. They are quite strong, their attack damage being of 6-15.


When the baby grows up (this happens naturally, but you can speed the process up by constantly feeding the little dragon with salmon), you can ride it, breed it and do other interesting things together.

In case you didn’t tame the dragon in its childhood, it grows into one of the following dragon forms:

  • Form one has a health of fifty, an attack damage like a baby dragon’s and drops a soul sand and leather (or raw mutton). This kind of dragon attacks players by a melee attack.
  • Form two have a health of seventy. They also attack players, but by range attack. If destroyed, it also drops either leather or raw mutton + a totem.
  • Form three is the strongest. It has a health of eighty and attacks players while flying. Like the previous two, it drops raw mutton/leather + a healing potion.

As you can see, you will have to do a lot of killing and collecting to get a dragon egg, but we promise that it’s worth the effort.

If you managed to tame the dragon while it was a baby, you can use it for flying, but to do this, you will have to saddle it. An adult dragon has a health of four hundred and attacks hostile mobs by fire breath or using fireballs, but only if saddled and flying. Tamed dragons, like the wild ones, drop raw mutton or leather + a saddle in case the pet is initially saddled.

Unsaddled dragons do not follow their master.

These dragons like to sleep a lot. To wake them up, put or remove the saddle from their backs.

If required, you can heal an adult dragon by giving it raw food of any kind.

You can also have the chance to breed them. For this, use a golden apple. This is another way to make a dragon egg appear in the world.




As a bonus, Addon Dragon also introduces a new mob: the Sea Serpent. This mob spawns in oceans, has a health of six hundred. It has the tendency to attack players in boats, as well as players who stand in the water or in the rain. If killed, it drops one of the following items:

  • Enchanted book level 30
  • Treasure map
  • Prismarine shard



To find out more about the above-described addon, we recommend you to watch the video trailer featured in this article. After, if you still want to meet the dragons we talked about, click on the download button, share our article with your friends and leave feedback.

Important! Make sure to have installed one of the latest game versions, at least Minecraft PE 1.13.

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