Minecraft PE 1.16.220

Minecraft PE 1.16.220 represents the freshest full game update, and even if the Mojang Studios team is working hard to make betas interesting and to

Minecraft PE 1.16.220 represents the freshest full game update, and even if the Mojang Studios team is working hard to make betas interesting and to carry out as many bugfixes as they can in them, many game users still prefer full versions for their stability and for the fact that they allow playing with other people who also use fool versions, and of course in Realms.

Changelog of Minecraft Bedrock

  • The most important change that you will discover in the present version is definitely the opportunity to dye signs. Now you can make the signs in your gaming world more distinctive and pretty using your favorite dye colors.


  • A number of technical tweaks were carried out to make the activity of the map makers and addon creators easier and to provide more possibilities
  • All the projectiles were worked on so they can pass through structure void blocks and other things that they previously failed to pass through when required
  • The rules regarding the placement of different blocks on the sides of other blocks like top snow were improved
  • Added the opportunity to use narration touch input in the achievements screen
  • Added the opportunity to use button “Find Friends” for the MCPE users who play on Xbox devices
  • Improved the Sign In button for Portuguese so its texts fits in normally
  • Modified the text color on the Storage menu, making it lighter than it was before
  • Added the opportunity to use the “Back” keyboard button for choosing the “Back” button on any screen

In addition to these useful changes, the Mojang team was informed about a big amount of problems and happily, it managed to fix them. These problems used to affect:

  • The stability of Minecraft Bedrock (game used to crash when carrying out certain actions, for example when using a nether portal while holding a bottle of enchantment)
  • The Nether fog (not rendering as required)
  • The users who play with a visitor permission (not dropping anything when dying)
  • Texture of Zombie and Zombie villagers when they have shields attached. This is also available for husks, vindicators and a few other mobs
  • Non-persistent mobs when they load into the Nether dimension
  • Texture of pistons
  • Texture of sticky pistons
  • Screen reader (when using VR and in other situations)
  • Advanced settings NPC screen of the Jurassic World pack
  • Marketplace inventory’s “Results” field
  • Death screen when using VR
  • Scaling of the button textures when applying resource packs
  • Entity selectors (self-selecting when cheats are disabled)
  • Command blocks
  • Title command (duplicating symbols sometimes)
  • Execute command when used for teleporting
  • Character Creator

Dear players, to find out more details about the current update, we suggest you watch the video below this article and if you want to try it, feel free to do so, but don’t forget to share the news about its release with all your friends and to let us know what you think about its features!

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Trailer of Minecraft Caves & Cliffs

Download release version of Minecraft 1.16.220


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