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We are doing our best to keep our subscribers informed about the latest game-related news and today we are glad that we can be among the first to

We are doing our best to keep our subscribers informed about the latest game-related news and today we are glad that we can be among the first to inform you about the release of Minecraft PE This beta, besides the traditional bugfixes, brings us more experimental features related to the upcoming Caves & Cliffs update.

Caves & Cliffs in Minecraft Bedrock

In an article published earlier this month, we have mentioned that the Mojang team developed an entirely new world generation, making it more complex and higher. This week they have adjusted the cave generation so they would fit perfectly by size and appearance, thus, by installing this update you will notice that:

  • The ore generation is better and fits the world height. There are also more strategy possibilities for mining them.
  • Each cave has its own water level and the visibility when swimming in these waters was improved
  • The mineshaft sizes and shapes were modified so they would look proper in the new caves. You will also notice modifications in the way they are attached to the cave floors/ceilings.


This is all the developers carried out in relation to the caves & Cliffs features, but they also detected that the game used to crash more often than usual, mainly in the following situations:

  • When the MCPE user used to switch between Character Creator items
  • When the MCPE user attempted to cure a zombie villager in case he/she was in other dimensions than the Overworld
  • During the jungle biomes’ generation in case the Caves and Cliffs toggle is enabled

The developers did all they could to resolve these and other issues making the game crash, and they also fixed a minor bug affecting the Character Creator items (not letting them get applied to the character as they should).

Dear readers, to enjoy all the new features we told you about, don’t forget to enable the Caves and Cliffs experimental toggle in your gaming worlds.

Before installing the version, we also recommend you make copies of your existing builds if you want to return to them in the future because betas replace the player’s work in progress and there is a risk that it can get deleted. We also must warn you that the builds created in betas are not as stable as those created in full versions and that you won’t be able to join Realms while trying it. Playing with other people who use full versions is also impossible while trying betas.

Given the greatness of the new features, we hope that you won’t mind all these beta-related shortcomings and prohibitions and that you will have a good time examining them all.

Between version releases, we invite you to explore our website where you can find an incredible number of interesting maps, popular mods, and other surprises. Enjoy!

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