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Dear Bedrock friends, Minecraft PE 1.17 is nearer than you think, and here is the proof: the release of Minecraft PE! This is the first

Dear Bedrock friends, Minecraft PE 1.17 is nearer than you think, and here is the proof: the release of Minecraft PE! This is the first beta release of the long-awaited Caves and Cliffs update. Even if the Minecraft PE developers are doing their best to surprise us with new features and interesting changes every week, this version is very special. Read this article to find out why.

Experimental Features in Minecraft Bedrock

During the last several months we had the opportunity to enjoy dozens of new Experimental features. In this update, the developers made a lot of fixes and changes regarding many of them, so, you will discover that:

  • The developers introduced new sounds playing when the player freezes, burns, drowns, walks below level y=0, uses bone meal, walks on copper stairs, uses glow item frames, and places moss carpets
  • The behavior of pointed dripstones, stalagmites, and stalactites in relation to the water sources was improved. Their growth process and the way they deal damage were also modified.
  • Lush caves generate naturally in the undergrounds of the gaming worlds.
  • By using bone meal on small dripleaves, you can make them grow into big ones.
  • Less generation grows as a result of moss block bonemealing
  • Several bugs affecting the lightning rod were successfully fixed
  • You can use cobbled deepslate to craft furnaces, tools, and other things
  • You can obtain experience by smelting cobbled deepslates. This is also available for cobbled deepslate bricks and tiles
  • The conditions of the copper deoxidizing process were slightly modified
  • You can obtain experience by breeding axolotls
  • There are no more cobwebs hanging in the air in mineshafts

Of course, all the above-mentioned changes are nice, but these are not the most important news brought by the new beta. The most important ones are the newly introduced blocks, items, and even structures. All of them are related to the grand Caves and Cliffs update that we hope will be released soon too.

  • Amethyst Geodes are new underground structures that consist of 3 layers: the external layer consists of smooth basalt, the second layer consists of calcite and the interior layer consists of budding amethyst and variants of amethyst blocks


  • Amethysts may grow on any part of a budding amethyst. They have several stages of growth. In the final stage, amethyst buds transform into clusters.


  • Spyglass is a new object having particular value because it allows players to monitor objects from long distances. The item does not spawn naturally. It can be obtained through crafting. To obtain it, you will need several copper ingots and one amethyst shard.



  • Raw ores will now drop from gold, iron, and copper ores. Players can smelt them. The old ore blocks remain smeltable too (for now)
  • Tuff is a new solid block. To extract tuff, the player will have to use a pickaxe, because other tools are not suitable for this. Currently, this block can be used only as a decoration. It cannot be used in crafting items.

Dear players, these are almost all the good news brought by the described-above beta, but there is something more: The Powder snow and the glow lichens are not behind the Experimental toggle anymore, this meaning that they will generate naturally and will be officially parts of our Bedrock worlds. For the rest of the newly introduced features, you still have to enable the toggle.

Now that you know the basic information about this release, it is time to share the news with your friends. We would also appreciate it if you could leave feedback letting us know what you think of the new changes and features.

Visit our website on a regular basis and we promise that you will always be informed about the most recent Minecraft PE-related news and that we will give you the possibility to try the best maps, mods, and other surprises for free. Enjoy!

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