Minecraft PE

This year the developers of Mojang are very organized and punctual. They release game updates regularly, but lately, most of them have been quite

This year the developers of Mojang are very organized and punctual. They release game updates regularly, but lately, most of them have been quite modest in their features, both in quality and quantity. Not that minor bug fixes are not important, but the players hope to discover something fascinating and worth trying as often as possible. Well, we hope that Minecraft PE will impress you more because it brings a lot of changes and many of them are really noticeable.

Bug fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

Before getting to the fun part and telling you about the main features, we must tell you about several actions carried out by the game developers in order to make the gameplay smoother and more stable. They have:

  • Corrected the behavior, and appearance of the spectator players and the way they interact with other players, mobs, blocks, and items.
  • Fixed numerous bugs affecting mud blocks and the way players and mobs interact with them in different situations
  • Made sugar canes break properly in those cases when they must, for example when the player removes the water source
  • Fixed the way light blocks are displayed when placed
  • Fixed the way blocks react to pistons when pushed
  • Corrected the way effects get or do not get applied on different categories of mobs and their babies
  • Corrected the way pistons and blocks attached to them move
  • Corrected the player’s behavior when using portals
  • Corrected the sounds played when signs are being placed
  • Fixed a couple of serious graphical bugs affecting maps
  • Corrected the light level of the sky in words where RTX is enabled
  • Fixed the location and direction of bubble columns underwater
  • Made armor and weapons work normally after being primarily crafted
  • Made renamed armor and weapons drop from the inventory correctly
  • Corrected the way pressure plates are being placed in case there is an entity at 0,-1,0
  • Made Slow Falling, Strength, Jump Boost, and other effects work normally with certain mobs
  • Improved the Touch controls and fixed numerous bugs affecting their functionality in different situations
  • Corrected the boss bar that previously failed to update in case the boss’s name gets modified
  • Fixed the way player’s HUD rotates in certain situations in VR
  • Made command /enchant apply the correct level of enchantment.

These are the main bug fixes, but as we already mentioned, there are several important changes that you can check after installing this version too. These are:

  • Spectator Mode not being under the experimental gameplay toggle anymore. There are two ways to access it now: either by command if cheats are enabled or by turning on Personal Game Mode in the player’s settings menu.


  • The possibility to take part in Minecraft Live Mob Vote. Please note that to be able to do this, you must use Minecraft PE 1.19.31.
  • The possibility to avoid the bug making black pixels appear on maps by visiting them repeatedly
  • A Mobile Data Blocked screen that will be displayed on iOS and Android devices in case mobile data is not enabled in the game and the wi-fi connection is off
  • Increase of Enderman’s range of following
  • A Delayed Block Breaking toggle in Creative game mode
  • Better camera movement and buttons working in the new Touch Controls
  • Many good technical updates.

If you are a loyal visitor to our website, you probably already know that downloading and using versions and other content is very easy. All you have to do is look for the “Download” button below the video trailer and press it.

After you explore this wonderful new beta version, you are welcome to return here because there are many new texture packs, maps, and other surprises to try! Enjoy!

Video Trailer of Minecraft Bedrock