Download Minecraft PE 0.15.4

What’s this?! It seems that while I was all snoozed up in bed, our dogged dev teams toiled away to unleash the 0.15.4 update of Pocket and Windows
What’s this?! It seems that while I was all snoozed up in bed, our dogged dev teams toiled away to unleash the 0.15.4 update of Pocket and Windows 10 edition - which contains the all new and diabolical Villains Skin Pack.

Truly, evil never sleeps.

The changelog’s a bit of a whopper, and since all devices are now getting the changes from the 0.15.3 update (previously only available on Google Play) it’s even bigger than normal! Monstrous, you might even say.

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Please note: we are aware of a possible crash when you set your draw distance to maximum on the 32-bit Win 10 edition if you have a discrete graphics card. We’re working on it!Download Minecraft PE 0.15.4

New Features:
  • Villains skin pack!

  • More localization fixes.
  • Fixed the HUD moving when riding an animal in VR.
  • Fixed a few texture issues.
  • Some tweaks to Gear VR edition performance & experience.
  • Increased draw distance for Win 10 edition.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed comfort issues caused by rain & snow in your face in VR.
  • Lead lines no longer disconnect from the hand when jumping in Immersive Mode in Gear VR.
  • Leads now display the correct texture & don’t cause crashes in Gear VR.
  • Fixed a crash on the inventory screen.
  • Horse container screen now keeps labels visible.
  • Bone meal and spawn eggs now consumed in Survival mode.
  • B button to quit from main menu works on Win 10 edition now.
  • Fixed a crash when creating or entering a new world.
  • Fixed a crash when traveling the world with render distance set to maximum.
  • Worlds with UTF-8 symbols in their name are now displayed in the Play tab for Win 10.
  • Fixed some issues with players creating new realms.
  • And here are the changes from the 0.15.3 update that previously only went out for Google Play, included for your reference.

  • Multiplayer invite screen text alignment fixed
  • Tweaks to moving blocks to make them work better & more consistently
  • Fixes to horse breeding to make it consistent with other versions
  • Tweaks to atlas generation
  • Tweaked some Realms purchase functions
  • Small tweak to mouse controls
  • Store screen layout scales better now

Bug Fixes:
  • Players can now scroll through the list of friends in the Add Realm window using the controller.
  • Inventory can now be opened when a player mounts a pig or horse/donkey/mule
  • Zombies spawn with correct textures in desert biomes
  • Nether brick fence fixed- attaches to cobblestone walls
  • Fixed issue with friends list being cleared on signing out
  • Fall damage for horses fixed
  • Pressing X on the intro page signs the user out
  • Removed phantom image of the currently equipped block when toggling a daylight sensor
  • Fixed item duplication on fences bug
  • Fixed some bugs with pistons (crashing, overwriting, taking power from wrong sources, syncing issues)
  • Observer block placement fixed
  • Glass and leaf blocks no longer going invisible when placed next to carpet, pressure plates and accumulated snow
  • Fully grown crops now pop out of farmland when cut-off from light
  • Fixed position of zombie jockeys
  • Fixed crash when shooting an arrow from a dispenser at a TNT minecart
  • Fixed assorted issues causing games to crash

Phew! So many bugs mercilessly smooshed.

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