Download Minecraft PE 1.5.0 for Android

Now you can download the new version of Minecraft 1.5.0 (Beta) for your Android. It has been released and you might think “common something is
Now you can download the new version of Minecraft 1.5.0 (Beta) for your Android. It has been released and you might think “common something is missing?!” seems like Minecraft developers just jump over 1.3 & 1.4. Still, Minecraft Bedrock Aquatic Update become even better!

Changes for MCPE 1.5.0

  • Dolphins will swim to the nearest Shipwreck or Ocean Ruins if you give them Raw Salmon or Raw Fish
  • Undead mobs can walk on the bottom and will sink in water
  • Husks with sunk in water will become Zombies & Zombies will transform/become Drowned
  • Skeleton Horses from now on ride them underwater
  • Strays & Skeleton will swap to melee attack while underwater and swap back
  • Improved swimming of the player at the water surface
  • Tridents can be charmed (enchanted) with Unbreaking & Mending
  • Some animation have been added when you are using Riptide in perspective of the first person
  • Drowned can now hold Nautilus Shell & spawn
  • Riptide spin texture is Updated

Fixes for MCPE 1.5.0

  • Use Pick Block in Survival mode. They will work now!
  • Players can one more time resurface after tapping when swimming with touch
  • Breaking coral when using Silk Touch with a Pickaxe will now drop living coral and will drop dead coral
  • Firework Rockets now show up in the Recipe Book when you search for in Survival
  • Fixed fish are not rendering when you move out and back of render distance
  • will clear things properly
  • After re-mapping, the first mouse click an action to a key are recognized
  • messaging Improved (when there are no Old Worlds to sync)
  • Balloons & Leads can no longer be added to Horses while ridden by the player
  • Fixed helmets when taking damage from a mob is now visible after being destroyed
  • Behavior Packs & Resource are working properly enabled/disabled on Realms while you restore backups or replace worlds
  • Fixed Kelp visual problems
  • Ladders won't appear as invisible blocks with collision while placed using
  • The water surface is viewing from behind glass underwater
  • Jumping & Sneaking in the water no longer prevents swimming or jumping upwards
  • Double doors are now displayed properly
  • Dark Prismarine Stairs texture is fixed
  • Pick Block can now pick proper variant of Pressure Plates & Buttons
  • Glass will render better at certain angles & further distances
  • You can eat Raw Fish
  • A redundant gray-line at the Drowned's legs is Fixed
  • Dropped items can pass under top slabs (once again)
  • Image thumbnails and game modes for world templates & worlds will show up when searching on the Storage-screen
  • No more book on the Enchantment Table screen that overlaps the suggested enchantment's name
  • Birch trees will generate in Mutated Birch Forests (once again)
  • No more head rotation (360 degrees) of the mob when in Boats
  • All floating islands & overhangs will generate snow or grass under them
  • Bryce Mesa biomes -> generate correctly
  • From now on you can not place blocks with no other block to support it while sprint flying underwater in Creative mode
  • Sea Grass, Kelp & Icebergs can no longer change or replace blocks of an Ocean Monument (when generated)

If you like all the fixes and changes then download Minecraft PE (Bedrock) free for Android using the link below.

Download Minecraft PE for Android


[67.92 Mb] (downloads: 1055)

Download Minecraft PE for Android


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