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For starters, let us remind you to traditionally back up your worlds before trying the new beta of the game. This will prevent you from losing the

For starters, let us remind you to traditionally back up your worlds before trying the new beta of the game. This will prevent you from losing the work you have done in regards to your worlds. Also, before starting to check all the available fixes and changes in practice, learn about them by reading the information provided in this article. Note that the finished release might not include all the changes, but don’t worry. Even if this happens, they will appear in one of the next releases of the game.


Important! While checking Minecraft beta version you will not be able to access the realm, as well as the players who do not use this beta. (This is available for all the beta versions).

Now that you secured your worlds and are informed about the main rules regarding beta versions of Minecraft, let’s learn about what Minecraft has to offer:


Minecraft Bedrock fixes:

Crash and gameplay fixes:

  • A crash that used to occur when a player from a split-screen mode tries to enter a world while a primary player exits it was resolved.
  • A fixed crash that used to occur in regards to the script when the player tried to read the health component of any object that has no health (for example the boat).
  • There was also a crash occurring in case a bad omen effect inflicted a player and it has been resolved too.
  • The TNT now can tip over players who are in the process of healing.
  • In Minecraft 11.0.9, when interacting with the grindstone, players will not have to hold anything in their hands.

Fixes for blocks and mobs:

  • Mobs now spawn regularly in the ice biomes.
  • When the seagrass grows, it does not break blocks on top of it now.

Other fixes and changes:

  • One of the latest novelties in Minecraft Bedrock Edition was the introduction of the text-to-speech feature. Since players observed several issues related to it, the developers made a great job by fixing them. The main fixes related to this function are that it works better than before on Switch and that it reads the modal pop-ups properly.
  • Good news for players who like experimenting with skins. Now the players have a more extended list of skins to choose from, including the Mario skin.
  • There had been some issues related to the Switch too, for example, a bug that crashed the player’s game after he/she used command or typed something in the chat. The remapping also presented a problem on Switch. Moreover, Switch players, in case they wanted to change a skin, always received a message saying that there is a connection problem. All of these obstacles have been removed in MCPE 11.0.9.
  • The tripwire texture was replaced.
  • The colors of the note patterns now correlate with the noteblock pitch.
  • There will be no problem using the /clear command in case a block value is missing.

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As you can see, there are many reasons to download Minecraft and see for yourself how much easier and more comfortable the gameplay gets due to the great work of the Minecraft developers.

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