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The beta released last week, that is Minecraft PE, gave us the opportunity to try what a sculk sensor it. It also brought an amazing new

The beta released last week, that is Minecraft PE, gave us the opportunity to try what a sculk sensor it. It also brought an amazing new block called dripstone. Minecraft PE is as interesting and it also brings two new features.

We will tell you everything there is to know about them and about the carried out fixes, but first, it’s our duty to tell you about a few rules/features related to beta versions. First, make sure to back up your existing MCPE worlds before installing this one, otherwise, you might lose them. Second, you won’t be able to access the builds created in this version using earlier versions, so once again, make copies. A regretful fact is that players who use betas cannot play with people who use full versions and in realms, but we still recommend you to try, because otherwise, you won’t be able to experiment with the great new features it brought.

Features of Minecraft Bedrock

  • A brand new material called Copper. It comes in ores, that supplemented the world generation. Like always ores can be transformed into ingots and ingots can be transformed into blocks on the crafting grid. Sadly, these blocks may oxidize in time, but the player can craft their waxed variant using honeycombs. These blocks can be mined, but only using stone pickaxes or stronger tools. The ordinary copper blocks can be transformed into cut copper. From now on, the drowned will be dropping copper ingots when killed.


  • The second new feature is also very interesting. It is a lightning rod that interreacts with lightning strikes within sixty-four blocks around it. This way, if a lightning strike hits near such a rod, it will automatically strike it. This is a very good measure to protect nearby buildings from lightning strikes. A strike spawns in this rod also if it is thrown at with a trident. When struck, the rod gives off a redstone signal with a strength of fifteen.


In addition to the development of the new features, the MCPE team also had to work on fixing a number of detected issues. These were:

  • A crash caused by the player teleporting from a certain structure in order to discharge it
  • Players not getting informed when switching locked items to or from a container
  • The entity’s scoreboard being removed in case it teleports to a non-fully loaded area of the map
  • Structure block data getting saved even if the player does not press the “save” button
  • Audio settings not always highlighting when managing them
  • Durability bar disappearing when working with any item that has low durability
  • The tool, armor recipes not displaying the object’s background when they are selected in the recipe list
  • Players not getting any XP from smelting netherrack in the furnace
  • Two bugs affecting the /clone command
  • Shulker boxes taking up players and killing them with fall damage
  • Game slightly freezing or lagging when opening the inventory, while crafting, and sometimes when equipping armor or putting it away in the inventory.

These and other minor issues have been fixed and won’t prevent us from having a nice gameplay.

Please be kind and share the news about this release with all your Bedrock friends and leave feedback.

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Trailer of Minecraft Bedrock

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