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Dear friends, we consider that May is a very positive and busy month. There are a lot of outdoor activities we can enjoy with our friends.

Dear friends, we consider that May is a very positive and busy month. There are a lot of outdoor activities we can enjoy with our friends. Unfortunately for them and happily for us, the game developers have no time to lose on such things, because they are very focused on developing new features, making interesting changes, and fixing different bugs that can affect our gaming experience. In Minecraft Bedrock which is the newest game beta, they also carried out a lot of changes.

Features of Minecraft Bedrock

During the development of the updates released lately, we had the chance to enjoy so many cool experimental features, and now, starting with Minecraft Bedrock and continuing with the beta we are describing in this article, many of these features are being eliminated from under the experimental tag. So, now we can explore the following ones without having to enable any special toggles:

  • Ordinary/pointed dripstones
  • Glow squids, item frames, ink, and lichen
  • Raw ores
  • Goats
  • Powder snow


Another good thing about this game update is that the developers introduced many of these and other new features in the player’s Creative inventory, so now, by accessing it, you will discover:

  • Blocks of Powder snow
  • Deepslate
  • All the features introduced in Minecraft PE 1.16.221 (amethysts, calcite, moss, spy glass, etc)
  • All the blocks from the Lush Caves
  • Lightning Rod
  • Copper

Traditionally, the developers had to resolve a number of issues affecting:

  • Axolotls (the sounds they emit, their spawn rate and their behavior when swimming)
  • Glow Squids (spawn rate and map color)
  • Cobblestone and cobbled deepslate (their role in repairing tools on an anvil)
  • Powder snow (the behavior of mobs when interacting with it)
  • Lush caves (azalea/flowering azalea, and small dripleafs)
  • Glowing Item Frames (maps not glowing inside them)
  • Goats (their drops)
  • Moss (saplings planted on it not transforming into trees when bonemealed)
  • Raw Ores (their drops when applying a fortune enchantment)
  • Caves & Cliffs toggle (not being localized in the right place)
  • Underwater fog (looking identical regardless of the biome they are located in)
  • Boats (their behavior when interacting with cactus plants)
  • Bows (their position when held)
  • Shields (wrong animation)
  • Crossbows (rendering incorrectly in certain situations)
  • Endermen (not getting affected by splash water bottles)
  • Blazes (not getting affected by splash water bottles)
  • Sounds (missing when mobs enter waters)

Of course, we have mentioned the most serious issues that were successfully fixed by the hard-working game developers, but if you are interested in finding out more details, we recommend you watch the video trailer below this article.

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Trailer of Minecraft PE

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