Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE is the newest game beta and it brings very interesting and helpful changes and bugfixes. Just like in Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE is the newest game beta and it brings very interesting and helpful changes and bugfixes. Just like in Minecraft PE that we talked about in the previously-published article, the game developers focused mostly on the Caves and Cliffs features.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

This release brings many interesting changes, so install it to discover:

  • That monsters do not spawn in caves if there is at least one light source. The game developers decided to allow players to explore these places peacefully, so the hostile mobs can spawn only when it’s dark. To benefit from this option, you should enable the Experimental Gameplay toggle.


  • That goats make more than just two sounds when ramming
  • That axolotls can spawn only if there is stone at least ten blocks underneath them
  • That axolotls cannot spawn in bubble columns anymore
  • That there will be fewer phantoms spawning in the MCPE world than before
  • That armor stands drop the equipped shields and weapons in case they get destroyed, for example by fire
  • That the texts and words in the Character Creator were subject to a serious spelling correction
  • That the Japanese language was subject to legibility correction work
  • That nether portals can be placed between chunks and this won’t break them
  • That you cannot place amethyst clusters on grass path anymore
  • That the Deepslate Lapis Ore block’s name was modified and now it is Deepslate Lapis Lazuli Ore
  • That sea pickles modify their color depending on either they are in the water or not
  • That you can melt snow with the light emitted by your torch
  • That there are more technical updates for the map makers and addon creators

In addition to all these changes, there were also a number of issues that had to be fixed. They used to affect:

  • The game’s stability
  • Dispensers (when used to remove water)
  • Bone meal
  • Moss (its spreading process)
  • Glow lichen (when sheared)
  • Vines (when sheared)
  • Graphical issues affecting the enchantment books and the blocks moved with pistons
  • Multiple bugs affecting the recipe books
  • Warning messages (being displayed when it is not the case)

If you are not in a hurry and would like to find out more details about this version, feel welcome to watch the video trailer below the article, and when you are ready, download and install it and let your adventure start!

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Video of MCPE

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