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Last year was a really busy one for the Majong team. Besides an incredible number of amazing betas that brought us a lot of cool features, they

Last year was a really busy one for the Majong team. Besides an incredible number of amazing betas that brought us a lot of cool features, they managed to release two legendary versions, namely Minecraft PE 1.17 and Minecraft PE 1.18. Thanks to them, now we can enjoy a lot of new mobs, including goats, glow squids, etc. Right before Christmas they even brought frogs, even if they are available only under the Wild Update experimental toggle. When working on Minecraft PE which is the first beta released this year, they decided to make these cute little creatures even more interesting. Read this article to the end to find out how.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

In our opinion, all the changes made in this article are good because they make our Bedrock worlds look more like those in the Java edition of the game and there are fewer issues preventing us from having a nice and smooth gameplay. The most important ones are:

  • Frogs and tadpoles make sounds now
  • The speed of the frog’s panic attack was modified
  • Tadpoles can panic too now
  • After eating small magma cubes, frogs drop blocks of a specific color (there are three available block colors)

  • These blocks that are dropped by the frogs in the above-mentioned situations can emit light
  • Iron golems appear with cracks when they suffer damage and their health is getting lower
  • Iron ingots are usable again in healing iron golems
  • The way the glow lichen shines matches the Java edition
  • The trade tables for wandering traders, butchers, and other similar characters are updated
  • Players can deal damage to any entities now by using the /damage command

In addition to these changes, the MCPE developers also fixed several issues, among which:

  • TTS reading incorrectly some experimental toggles
  • All kinds of entities not getting saved after quitting the Minecraft PE game, even if the player uses the “save & quit” button
  • Game crashing when creating new worlds and loading certain seeds
  • Pounce animation not working on foxes
  • Dripstone pillars generating on the surface of the lava, instead of generating inside it
  • Clusters of stalagmites generating too frequently with thickness “tip” in large caves
  • Blast furnaces/smokers not giving XP when used
  • Corals not generating as deep as they should in oceans
  • Grove biome having only one kind of tree growing inside it
  • Impossibility to place light blocks continuously
  • Strange animation of two-block high plants when broken
  • Incorrect generation of igloos, water in mountain caves, and aquifers
  • Technical issues

There is a video clip below this article if the above-displayed information about this beta is not enough for you and you want to find out more details about it. Please be generous and share the news about the release with other MCPE users, and leave feedback. 

Like we already mentioned, the game developers are back to work again and we are sure they are already preparing new game versions for us, so visit our website again soon and stay tuned! Enjoy your time!

Video of Minecraft Bedrock Edition

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