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The beta that we had the chance to try last week, that is Minecraft PE, brought us two very cool features: the Ancient Cities located in

The beta that we had the chance to try last week, that is Minecraft PE, brought us two very cool features: the Ancient Cities located in the Deep Dark and the mob that is the king of the place, namely the mighty Warden. You probably know that these two features, in addition to several other ones (sculk sensors, allays, etc) were generated only after enabling the experimental features toggle. Now they are all available without enabling anything because starting step towards the release of Wild Update betas was made. This first beta version is Minecraft PE Keep reading if you want to learn about it.

Main changes in Minecraft Bedrock

The most important new feature brought by this cool release is definitely the:

  • Mangrove Swamp. This is a new and very beautiful biome that we told you about in the article about Minecraft PE 1.19 published a while ago. Visit it if you want to find: mud that can be used in crafting (packed mud, mud blocks, and bricks). The bricks can serve as material for making stairs, walls, etc. Here you will also see a new kind of tree, roots and muddy roots.



The already existing previously experimental features have been updated. This way you will discover that:

  • Sculk sensors react to more kinds of vibrations including those made by players when sneaking in water, falling into lava, interacting with chests, using goat horns, moving big dripleaves, walking on top of them, etc. Instead it does not react when you shoot projectiles while sneaking. Use this possibility to your advantage. All this was made to increase the game’s difficulty but also to make it more interesting.
  • Allays. These mobs were cool enough until now, but thanks to the new update, they became even better. Now they: can be leashed and given names when they hold something, make initial sounds, follow their owner from bigger distances (but they do it slower than before), and never miss note blocks.
  • Wardens. Now, this mob makes new sounds, does not get angry at itself, and maintains his anger level even when his target mob despawns. You will also notice that its textures have been improved.

More changes:

  1. Frogs do not make croaking sounds while eating
  2. Parrots are able to make the same sounds as the Warden
  3. Redesigned loading screen tips
  4. Redesigned splash screen texts
  5. The Darkness effect has a new kind of black-colored fog, and it will remind you of the the blindness effect
  6. The brightness during the Darkness effect can be modified using a slider located in the settings menu
  7. Fog changes over time
  8. Wandering Traders make many new sounds
  9. Wandering Trades can be given names
  10. Eroded Badlands generate correctly and do not fragment
  11. The touch controls work much better
  12. Fixed behavior of baby llamas when spitting
  13. Walls/fences are not connected to bells as before this release
  14. Fixed certain items becoming invisible when picked up by foxes
  15. Villagers do not sleep when there is a bed nearby when they ride
  16. Xbox users get correct warning messages if there are internet connection problems
  17. World does not crash when a lightning hits the lightning rod and when improting certain behavior packs
  18. Improved textures of brewing stands, wolves, spiders, end stones, end crystals, end rods, mycelium, etc.

If you want to hear more detailed information about this long-awaited beta, there is a video below the article you can watch.

Please share the news about this release with other players so they can try it too. If any of them create maps or addons, tell them that the beta also contains many technical updates that can be of great use in their activity.

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Video of  Minecraft Bedrock

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