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You had almost an entire week to explore all the features offered by the previous game beta, that is Minecraft PE Even if you didn’t have

You had almost an entire week to explore all the features offered by the previous game beta, that is Minecraft PE Even if you didn’t have enough time, we suggest you leave this for later because there is another new release we want to tell you about. Minecraft PE brings even more features, but because some of them are not that important, we will enlist only those that will definitely change your gameplay in a noticeable way.

Features of Minecraft Bedrock

  • The Spectator Mode is still experimental, but the game developers keep on improving it. Now the effects won’t affect you while you are using this mode and you won’t be able to start raids
  • Sculk sensors keep all the information obtained from the vibration they react to (this is also available for allays, wardens, and shriekers), they give a redstone signal of twelve when liquids are being placed and of thirteen when they are collected, wool occlusion works normally on them regardless of the direction the vibration comes from. You will also notice that react to more types of vibrations done by players and entities. Also, some vibrations that they used to react to previously do not represent a reason for them to work anymore.
  • Wardens cannot be summoned by shriekers underwater, since normally, they can only dig into solid blocks, not into liquids
  • Wardens can spawn on more types of blocks including snow and strings but still has certain limitations. For example, they do not spawn on leaves. Another important thing you should know about wardens is that their sonic boom cannot be stopped or reduced if you wear protection enchanted armor.
  • Propagules growing in mangrove biomes do not break because of flowing water and they make sounds identical to those made by grass
  • Camp structures and sculk veins generate as they should do in deep dark biomes


  • Mangrove leaves can stack correctly when cut with silk touch enchanted tools. The same problem was fixed in the previous version, but when cut with shears.
  • Stripped mangrove logs can be crafted into their correct kind of wood (stripped)
  • All overworld vegetation can be placed on muddy mangrove roots, mud, and other such blocks
  • XP is generating when smelting armor or tools into iron or gold nuggets
  • The game does not crash when holding someone on a fishing rod while going through a nether portal
  • Player’s hitbox updates correctly after dying while swimming in one-block place
  • The world saves the exact amount of extra lives obtained from a health boost effect after reloading
  • Mangrove planks can be used to repair wooden weapons, shields, and tools
  • Several bugs affecting the character creator, namely the emote wheel and dressing room have been fixed
  • The biome fog transition was adjusted
  • The animation system in the split screen was improved
  • Custom skin packs work correctly and all the buttons are displayed as they should be so that the player can select any of the skins
  • Wandering traders drink milk to clear the effects of the invisibility potion after using it
  • Wither skulls breaks obsidian when damaged
  • When the player dies from walking through sweet berry bushes, he/she will get message: “<player> was poked to death by a sweet berry bush”
  • The player’s position is correct when traveling from the nether to the overworld via a portal
  • The structures in ancient cities were updated
  • The shovel is the fastest tool to mine muddy mangrove roots
  • The axe is the fastest tool to mine normal mangrove roots

Besides these and other many less important fixes, the game developers also worked on improving the technical aspect of the game and made a lot of updates. This was made to make the activity of the content creators more productive and we can’t wait to find out how they will use these possibilities in new mods, maps, etc.

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Video Trailer of Minecraft Bedrock

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